An Eyelash Primer?

mary kay eyelash primer mascara long lashes black

If there´s a primer for your face, why not for your lashes. My sister swears by this, and even if sometimes I don´t even bother to curl my lashes because they can hold the curl themselves pretty well, there´s a moment when you discover the product that changes everything..

I must admit though, there are days I forget to put mascara on. And I feel naked. Always wondering if I really need a makeup pouch with me and turns out it could´ve saved me many times. Anyway, the Mary Kay eyelash primer feels like the product I´d definitely needed in my bag if I carried any makeup with me which I should and maybe I will. It´s a multipurpose product, it nourishes and strengthens (who really nows if this is actual true) your lashes, and prepares them for the mascara. Looks and feels like a white cream but melts into the little hairs to nothing. It sure makes my lashes look kinda bolder, and fuller in any case. Also, I often use this on its own as a clear mascara and looks great.


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