Kiko Skincare Haul

kiko haul skincare cruelty free

I´ve been kind of lacking off the motivation to do a proper skincare routine lately, maybe because this moving out situ is messing with my brain and refuses to do anything productive with myself..

But still deep inside I am a skincare junkie, and staying away from new goodies is never an option. I don´t think I have ever tried Kiko skincare, and last time I went to the shop I realized there were so many new products that seemed worth a try. My friend Isa and I decided to give a go to three different products, their makeup remover (approved by Isa, heavy eye makeup wearer), their pure clean gel (nothing too special about it, a rather normal cleanser) and their volume mascara (Isa´s choice). I am guessing there will be more trips to Kiko to unravel more skincare bits, I already have an eye on a few of them..


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