You Need To Try This Chamomile Tea Face Mask

natural skincare vegan cruelty free chamomile tea

Say I was home last Thursday, bored to dead with not much to do. Say my skin was looking dull and gloomy, but my place is such a mess I could not find any good exfoliator whatsoever..

Last day we were talking about teas and how I don´t like them (even though eveyrtime I have a chance to try a new tea I always have a sip just in case I find my tea) and remembered you can use some chamomile tea on your beauty routine. Thank godness my roomates love tea and had some stocked in the pantry so I went ahead, made myself a tea and pretended I was an adult not trying to put my life together. It was the easiest thing ever, I used the herbs inside the bag as an exfoliating mask, rubbed in my skin and then let it sink for about 15 minutes. After, I cleared it with some water and used the tea as a toner. My skin was so soft after this, I don´t think I would trade this for a good Lush or green clay mask but surely it did its job. Aaaand it was so easy and fuzz free I might start buying tea after all. Who am I.


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