The Weekender #41: S L O W.

lifestyle blogger weekender zara

And steady. I know some of you may have been waiting for another life update, let me tell you this one is a good one..

Good things happen. Most importantly, good things happen to people that do good. Destiny is wise, knows its way. Karma is always there too. But good things take time, and I am a patient person. I know how to wait. I won´t keep typing nonsense and I´ll get to the point: I finally have a job, and I just rented a house here in Madrid. Only writing it just gives me the chills. Such big steps in so little time. I am beyond excited, so happy after all, things finally seem to come together. I´m kind of a bit suspicious of this much good luck, maybe it´s the calm before the storm, but I rather not think about that right now. Only good vibes here.


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