The Minimal Earrings Edit

sfera earrings minimal minimalist pearls gold details accesories

I am not an accesories girl. I can spend hours looking at beautyful rigngs and earrings at the shop and walk by empty handed. Because I don´t wear them as much, it´s a waste of money to buy something not to get a good use out of it..

Either way, sometimes making eye to eye with the perfect piece is enough to throw all your prejudices aside and give in. This Sfera minimal earring set was the deal. I don´t even need that many earrings but couldn´t say no. These four have to be my favourites, the perfect match for any outfit, and the best thing: you can sleep with them on –bless up. Made of metal, my ears are safe and sound, there wasn´t a sight of the usual allergy I get everytime I use high street jewllery (I was made to be a queen, y´know). For now, the little pearls haven´t left my ears since I bought them, I love them so much and remind me of the ones I used to have when I was a baby. I like to mix them now and then, so you will probably see me wearing a little pearl on one ear and the black with gold details earring on the other one. I know I just showed you a million possiblities, you´re welcome.


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