The Gel Eye Masks

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If you remember this post about me rambling on my lastest eye mask discovery, you aren´t probably surprised about what´s coming now. I´ve found in eye masks the perfect puffiness relieve and they are also a good laugh when you try them with friends..

The prices of these masks are sometimes so appaling I usually go for the cheapest option because you never know. And it´s just a one use thing, so spending ten euros straight away hurts my bimba & lola wallet so much. Featuring today I have two pairs of gel masks -a new variation I had yet to try- that I found while doing groceries #multitasking. I really liked the idea of them, you simply stick them on your undereye area and wait 15 minutes. They are cooling and refreshing, and work best if stored in the fridge for a few minutes before its use. My friends love to use these, and I love doing little pamper parties with them using all these things, we turned a boring friday night into a kinda fun pijama party. How about that. Maybe we were missing a few sex on the beach, but we can´t have it all.


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