Empties #6

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Since I usually try to give you an update on how my life is going in every post, I´m thinking I need to chill a little bit and stop feeling sorry about everything. Instead, I can tell about my acky breaky heart when I realised my two Rituals favourites were gone..

I was refusing to accept my Rituals Sensational Cleanser was on its last days, my eyes didn´t want to see the facts: squeezing the tube was not worthy anymore, the product was gone. The cute little Rituals Eye Makeup Remover has, I reckon, still one more use. It´s hard to toss it away because it´s so good, and I´m always thinking about getting a ful size one although that moment never seems to arrive. Definitely need an eye makeup remover. Last, the Klorane Volume Shampoo I will keep repurchasing, that I run out from just in time to try a new one to treat my scalp problems. It was by chance that three of my favouruites are all used up, but I´m in desperate need of trying new things, maybe new brands or products I´ve never tried before, so go ahead and let me now any suggestions down below.


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