The Beauty Blender Back Up

hm beauty blender budget makeup

Oh dear sometimes I wished everything was just as easy as finding a replacement for my old beauty blender, you  know the one I keep bragging about on and on.. 

I made a huge in depth research -before I made the big step- on how to properly clean a beauty blender and get rid of the stains that make mine look so dirty. Apparently baby soap works best for it, also putting your blender on a glass of water and then microwave. Beauty blender a la grillé. In all seriousness, try the microwave thing and just wait for it. However, I already had in mind a change, a few internet cleaning tricks couldn´t stop me from getting a fresh one. The feel of a brand new sponge when applying my makeup feels almost like makeupgasm, soft and good and just *sighs*. Sure I could have just be okay with my old blender, but a new one is always more fun.


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