After Summer Haircare

I know, I know. Technically it is still summer but since my holidays were over a week ago, I´m so in working mode right now. Even mamarules scolds me every time I try to say I am feeling a bit winter-homesick..

But everything feels more real after summer season, everything gets back on track and my head settles for routines and self care. My hair regime is nothing complicated and I usually don´t have a problem following it. Lately my hair has been a little bit dry out, and while I have a favourite shampoo, I sometimes feel adventurous and like to switch up products. I´ve been trying the Aroms Natur Rosa Mosqueta shampoo for a while now, it´s so good. Leaves my hair bouncy and hydrated, and very-very clean. It also smells amazing. The coconut oil, you know the drill. I´d marry coconut oil if I could -which I believe it has to be possible somewhere in this planet, I am sure. A little bit of it on my ends and my locks are different. Wonderful. I do this every two weeks or anytime I fell like it´s time for a deep conditioning treatment, put on my funky shower cap and chill for a good few hours.


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