The Weekender #38: Flowing

It´s been a long time since the last post titled like this, I´m slowly trying to get back to good habits, like drinking more water and not stepping on my skincare routine..

These days are hectic days. I´ve been back in the office, chilling. Nothing interesting happens here, everyone is enjoying their holidays and I´m just letting the days go. I know something good is coming, I can feel it. Last week my mum and I went to this medieval market where I was told my third and fifth Chakras were low. Who would´ve know. I was only there to buy a crystal that was supposed to give me strength and came back home with a pair of green aventurine earrings. Apparently, green aventurine  calms anger and irritation, promotes feelings of well-being and encourages regeneration of the heart; just what I need right now.  Also, now I cannot stop blaming everything to my Chakras being low —lol. But Chakras left aside, the earrings look pretty and I like them. My helix piercing is looking —and feeling- nice too. Everything is just flowing in the right direction, and let’s cross fingers it’ll stay like this a good time.


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