My First Vegan Foundation

vegan cruelty foundation make up

Madrid has this thing where you can find anything. I´m too weak for this city, everything seems better and more beautiful. That exact shop I can find in the village looks even more incredible in the city. The vintage vibes are real as well. I´m in love..

In one of our little strolls around the streets we spied the drugstore we venture to set as our new favourite place to do shopping, Primor. I know they sell online, but seeing it live is a different thing. I was looking for a foundation and saw this new vegan brand W7 Very Vegan. My heart melted, my eyes cried a bit and before I could blink I was already at the till with my purse out. This is the kind of things that only happens in the city. Good thing is I´m not very picky when it comes to foundations, my only two conditions are that it matches my skin tone (I got mine in Bare Buff) and is not very expensive. These two requisites collided so now this foundation lays on my makeup shelf waiting for its time to be used. Soon, baby.


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