My Sheet Mask Stash

sephora sheet masks skincare

This words are in collaboration with my sister, Paula, current sponsor of this post and who kindly repurchased a few masks after using mine (sharing is caring). Also, if by any chance you are a PR and want to sponsor -and spoil- the writer of this blog (me) don´t be shy..

So there´s a theme on my mask stash going on, nourish and glow. Only realized this after I took the photo and understand perhaps -just possibly- my sister could have bought just one instead of four exact same masks with different names on it. Life is for the braves, my friends. My love for the Sephora sheet masks is confessed, Paula knows and strikes. The Rose one is my favourite, and have yet to try the Avocado one (I´m pretty sure I will love it as well). She didn´t know I´m not a fan of Tonymoly masks, though, I have solely tried their tomato one but sadly I was very unimpressed. However, I won’t judge before trying and will report the good and the bad.


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