The Blue Mascara I Was Looking For

mercadona deliplus mascara de pestañas azul blue mascara

There´s a moment for eveything and right now the moment is blue. Blue because it´s been forever my favourite colour and I love it, and also because everything just leads me to it. Clear blue sea, and blue skies. The pieces click tohether in perfect armony..

My friend Isa told me I needed to try a blue mascara because apparently it was amazing. Life changing, even. Cannot deny. I feel such a rock star when I wear this, I am clearly  something else. I made a first approach to it last Saturday on a night out expecting a clear change on my eyes (actually I don´t even know what I was expecting but still I was dissapointed ¿?). But nothing happened. My lashes looked regular. I asked my mum, ditto. My friends, same. No one realized. I tried a second time because I needed to prove it wrong. I knew it had to work at least just a little bit, almost prayed the makeup goddesess for it to work. And it was magic. As soon as I leaved the house and met my friends, the miracle was revealed: my lashes looked bright electric blue, and light was the solution to the problem. Now I only want to wear this mascara, and if I find a green one now for sure it´ll end in my makeup bag.


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