The Sample Life: Hair Edit

klorane volumen shampoo conditioner with magnolia brilliant hair cruelty free

My favourite shampoo in travel sized pockets is what dreams are made of. My hair, thick and untameable, is as rebelious as myself anytime I don´t get enough attention. It gets clingy, dry and does not allow anyone´s touch..

Menorca was fun but my locks dissagree strongly. Salty water mixed with poorly filtered shower water made the worst blend for it. I packed my Bumble & Bumble thickening shampoo, huge mistake -you don´t want anything texturizing when there is 200% of humidity in the air and your hair drinks it up like life depended on it. Of course I couldn´t travel with my entire hair care collection, and also I didn´t remember I had this beauties in my stash. Little samples of my favourite shampoo, the Klorane Volumizing Shampoo, so good for soft clean-squeaky locks. Still have to try the Brilliance Conditioner, but I know it will be good. One time I thought I was not one to settle for something, but turns out I always come back to this combo. And my hair feels happy about it.


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