A Little Menorca Update

menorca sunset summer

Sometimes I´m thankful I started this blog almost four -was it five?- years ago. I love talking, and I love writing. I keep my own personal diary, but sometimes I just feel like I need to share things around here, maybe looking for some kind of support I can´t get right here right now..

Menorca was so. much. fun. It was amazing, so many laughs, so much sun. Beach days and pool nights. Cocoloco´s at the Hawaian club and sweaty car rides. Everything was perfect. I disconnected. Vastly. I forgot everything about the small city, the good and the bad, like it didn´t exist. Responsiblities who? I don´t recall. Came back home and the feels showed up, again. I´m starting to think it´s this crappy city what makes me depressed and sad, it needs to be. Kind of tired of the same people, same talking. Who cares, though. Today I´m on route to the big city, Madrid, where I´m moving this September in order to hopefully start a new life and leave everything behind. The scenario change is real, finally. I´m ready for it.


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