Summer Makeup: The Menorca Edit

menorca summer makeup sephora nars

By the time this goes up I´ll be laying in the sun, dipping in the pool and eating lots of watermelon. If you´re still in the office, or stuck in the city for any other reason, I´m feeling it for you..

This time I´m not gonna be one of those who simlpy tosses everything inside their makeup pouch, I refuse to carry around hundreds of products just in case. Because just in case never-ever happens people, let´s be real! I´m starting to be an adult right now, cheers for me. If you usually read this blog you will know I would not leave this earth without my Catrice Pore Refiner and my beauty blender -priorities. The Nars Blush & Broncer duo is not actually a favourite of mine, but in this case size matters, two in one products save lifes, so into the bag with no hesitation. Red matte lippies to intensify my tan, the H&M Red matte cream lipstick  is a must not only in my bag but also in my life in general. In my eyes, I recently bought a Kiko blue eye liner, maybe I was feeling a bit 2005, who knows. I´m digging it quite a lot actually. I´m sure I´m missing something, but luckily my friends will bring everything I´m don´t, that´s how we do it.


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