The Sea In Your Eyes: Kiko Blue Eyeliner

kiko blue eyeliner summer cruelty free makeup

If you are a 90´s baby  you will know two things: flares were cool, and blue eye shadow was the only makeup colour you needed. Kind of embarrasing to remember those days though, but I must stay true to my old days..

And who would´ve imagined I´d be here today talking about blue eyeliner again. Sometimes I´m just so stubborn, and when something gets in my mind I cannot deal with anything else. This thought had been crossing my thoughts every single time since I saw blue eyes were on trend again: maybe I wasn´t using the right blue? maybe, and just maybe, I was applying too much eyeshadow back in the days? I needed to prove this theory, case point: me in the Kiko till, ready to pay for their blue eye liner in Mid Blue 810. It has a metallic finish, and makes my dark eyes pop. I know this is just a phase, I wil hate blue liner again, and will fall for it once more, as part of my loving-hate inner war.


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