Summer Mani: Formula X In Dainty

Formula X nail polish sephora white summer

Ciao, meet my best looking hand -the right one fyi-, showing off my latest nail lacquer acquisition. Of course, it had to be white, that one color that maximises any tan I´ve got going on right now..

And it´s from Formula X named Dainty, a beautiful shiny white that can be sheer applied once and more intense with two coats. It´s a very nice formula, a bit streaky but layers pretty well. It dries sooo fast I was done in twenty minutes, less. The brush is pretty narrow, I prefer wider brushes -Essence nail polishes forever in my heart-, but the colour has been intact for two days now, and I do a lot of typing and unboxing. The bottle is not aesthetics goals but looks good, it´s minimal and white, basics on basics. You know how I like my nails all different shades of red, but right now I´m digging the all white flow. Lies. What I´m digging is the sunkissed, white nails paired with some rings look. Hey holidays!


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