On Trial: Dr. Kitzinger Skincare

dr kitzinger skincare natural

Feeling kind of empty inside means you have to fill in that gap with things. Stuff you probably dont´t need,  that you buy because it may be useful some time some day.. 

You know my love for minis, I love those little bottles with enough product to make you decided love it, or hate it. Why spend 30€ in a moisturizer if it´s not what you expected? My point here. Dr. Kitzinger has been one of those brands, almost unreachable for mortals a.k.a. independent girl on the making, with enough money for some self love but not enough to carelessly splurge. Said so, this mini trial set of two products, a Cleansing foam and a Moisturizing cream both for normal to combination skin, is the perfect way to have a little taste on the brand. It was on sale, and I was awkardly dragged into it until it finally ended up on my basket. Sometimes, it just happens like this (please someone take my credit card away from me, like srsly).


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