My Top Summer Beauty Essentials

summer essentials staples beauty

And it´s four of them. They can be swap, but I recommend having all of them in your makeup pouch for a last minute touching up scene. Surely I may have forgotten some other important stuff, such as drinking enough water, but we´ll get to that soon..

As you can see, there are three makeup products that make my face look like a decent human in front of people. Catrice primer, doing its thing, keeps my skin in good condition and less cake-y.  Applying my makeup with this beauty blender has been a revelation, I could never go back to brushes again -says this while crossing fingers ´cause you never know. And even if I´ve never been a big powder fan, I am next to finishing this Clinique Almost Powder makeup, which I use to err.. set my makeup -obvsly-. Looking for a cruelty free version of it (please let me know below any suggestions). On the inside.. I am doing my best to keep it all together, and also taking these Aroms Natur B-Carotene pills which aim to prepare my skin for Menorca sunshine. On top of that, don´t forget to drink your water, or in any case, your tequila. Word of ITG.




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