The New Thing: Eye Masks

eye masks skincare tired eyesIt´s safe to say I´ve cried a river on the last few months. Me, a stone cold gal who rarely sheds a tear  -re: watching titanic-, have become a cry baby for the sake of it. I´m just extremely sensitive lately, may the period be behind it, or may I simply crashed and give into the crying therapy..

There is a point behind this, which is my eyes being puffy, and tired. My under eye area looks sad and kinda purple-y, months of poor sleep are kicking in with strength, apparently. My skin was screaming S.O.S and I finally listened. I´ve never been a big fan of eye creams, honestly I cannot be bothered. My fault, in any case, for being a stubborn beauty blogger. But since I love face sheet masks, I thought, why not try an eye sheet mask? Said and done, I bought this little thing in my local drugstore, just to give it a try and maybe upgrade to a Sephora eye sheet mask next time. Results were good, my under eye skin was definitely more glowy and hydrated. Of course I will keep´em coming every time I need an eye rest, I just converted my friends to the whole sheet masks thing and they are already willing to try these ones. Pamper party ready, no boys allowed. 


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