Last Minute Spring Haul: Aroms Natur

aroms natur vegan skincare beauty cruelty free

Today is not my day but I´m okay with that. Yesterday there was this incredible thunder storm that woke me up in the middle of the night and sleeping was impossible. Who needs sleep, though? 

I´m quite tired but at the same time I can´t help but be excited for next week, my classes will finish and summer will be official. There´s nothing else I want more, it´s been a looooong mid year and I think I deserve a rest. You know I will be spending a few days in Menorca this summer, and I wanted something to prepare my skin before all the sunshine. A friend told me about this Aroms Natur B-Caroteno pills, packed with lots of vitamins that will make easier for me to tan and less likely to burn. This, of course, does not mean you don´t have to use sunscreen, the pills do not protect you from sun damage at all and you should always  use protection under the sun. And because my chart seemed rather empty, I decided to throw in their Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo.  My scalp is being so itchy and sensitive lately, so I thought this could be a nice one to try -I´ve already used this and can inform you it´s good, will review soon. Award for longest week ever goes to this week. Friday come soon please, don´t make me beg.


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