The Five Minute Masks

This weather is unreal and I´m two dregress away from melting. Living hell, on earth. My office doesn´t have a proper aircon so I´m basically sweating my life off day by day Because hot weather doesn´t even make sense if there´s not a beach, a pool or -at least- a mojito to enjoy (rise your hands if you agree, I´m feeling it for you too)..

I don´t even have the will to slap on some proper skincare, lately the only thing I´ve been using is some god´ol coconut oil that keeps things right. But I know I miss my masks, deep cleanses are my weakness but also the warmth makes me sluggish enough to give up on life and simply pass it on. Then I try to remember I only need five minutes to get the best of my skincare, using either the Avene exfoliating mask or the Catier Green Clay mask. Both good, unclog my skin and why not, let it breath a little bit. I´m not lying when I tell you all I do through the days is sweat and run, feels like I´m constantly working out in office uniform, dammit. Someone hand me that mojito please. 


6 thoughts on “The Five Minute Masks

  1. Katherine Tran says:

    I hate when it’s sooooo hot and there’s nothing to make it better, like you said, beaches, pools, and mojitos, and stuff. I should take better care of my skin this time of year, but I’m so lazy with that stuff. The masks sound great!

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