The Rituals Detox Scrub

rituals cruelty free body ayurbeda natural scrub

Okay, I´ve been staring at my laptop screen for more than an hour figuring out how to face this post. But let´s preface it like this: I suffer from cronic lazyness and can´t really be bothered with body care..

If you´re anything like me you´ll understand, adding a body scrub to my routine simply does not fit my plans. However, the Rituals Ayurbeda scrub is not an easy one to deny. It´s fresh scent wakes you up, revitalising your body like the best coffe you can imagine. I really enjoy using this, and my body too. Also, I have just discovered it can be used as a mask when applied on dry skin, so thoughtful. Now that I can feel the summer on the top of my fingers, I´m making mayself an oath and will try to use this at least one time a week. Fingers crossed I can be consistent with this for the first time in my life.


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