A Little Primark Summer Haul

primark fashion summer haul

Summer mode ON. Sun is shining, temperatures rising and, why not, my sandal tan lines are finally showing up (still look pale to death, but despasito).. 

I´ve already ditched winter boots and I´m not looking back. Cosy jackets are being replaced by light sweaters -so much love for them- and now my only obsessions are cute camis and mom shorts. It doesn´t even matter the fact that I´ll be working all summer long (except my menorca holidays omg cannot contain my excitement) and I will probably wear my office uniform during the week, the shopping addiction is real and I am setting it free. Last day walking into Primark was a gust of wind to my closet, re: my obsession for dainty tops got worse and came back home with (only) two of them. Finding the perfect pair of shorts is always a struggle, anyways. Can I be able to wear a pair of shorts that actually cover my (cute) bum? Please and thank you. I think I found them, high waisted but long enough, almost mom jeans fit but not really that loose. Perfect match. Now time speed up, July be there, I´m waiting for ya.


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