Rituals Brilliant Bliss Shampoo Review

rituals shampoo cruelty free shine hair

For the girls that were blessed with perfect frizz-free hair, this one is for you. Firstly, I am not one of you, and secondly, how dare you. Seriously. I, a simple mortal, am still trying to figure out how to manage my locks.. 

The last thing I tried was having my hair cut but I´m a in a growing phase right now. Blame it on the summer, I´m trying to channel my inner mermaid and yes, my hair will remain long until I see one more photo of Bella Hadid´s new do, love. And while frizz is my kryptonite, lately my hair´s been looking so dull and shine free WHO KNOWS WHY. The Rituals Brilliant Bliss shampoo was calling salvation, but maybe sounded better than it is. The smell is good, but the important stuff, the formula, is not right for me. Everytime I use this my hair feels heavy and rather greasy, and I´ve given too many tries to think the problem is with the product and not with my hair (usually on the dry side and not greasy prone). I will continue looking, and maybe I´ll try an apple cider vinegar rinse from time to time, my mum already used to do this on me when I was a kid, a total visionary of modern beauty.


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