The Weekender #37: On Anxiety

As promised on Thursday´s post, here´s me writing down all the interesting things that´ve happened in the last two weeks. Exactly eleven days since I wrote my last post, which is not long enough but still shows the weakness of the posts dripping through this period..

A lot of things were going on -and still are- these days. Work has been the main reason of my anxiety (among others) and the fact that I cannot control it drives me insane. Because I´m not comfortable where I am, but still I have to put up with it, it only fuels my yearning of a different thing in a different place. And I know, work will always be work, it´s hard. However, holding on to everything is not a thing I can do right now. I wanna slow down on everything, on life and on the blog. That´s why I´ve decided I will no longer post four times a week but two -maybe three-. I reckon this way I´ll be able to do better content, and most importantly, keep up with the blog instead of neglecting it like I´ve been doing. Regarding life, we (my friends and I) have taken on this new motto: to flow, and so are we (am I) flowing.


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