Lush Brazened Honey Mask

lush mask cruelty free skincare

I will let explanations for next Weekender, but it´s obvious I´m back on the blog. Again. I´m not leaving. Yet. That said, let´s start with key stuff: my skin lately.. 

Which couldn´t be explained with the amount of stress I´ve been carrying on my shoulders, steadily releasing now to my happiness. It has not been that bad at all though, my complexion is pretty good and only shows some symtoms of what really is going on inside. A little bit of a gaunt face, dull looking skin and tired gazing eyes. That´s what I get when I´m anxious. Discovering Lush a few months ago -last year to be honest, how are we already mid 2017?!- was the discovery of the year (sorry NASA, your exoplanet can wait) and I just cannot get enough of it. The last thing I´ve used up was their Lush Brazened Honey Mask, a mask designed for congested skin a.k.a me. Beware sensitive skinned gals, this may be a bit too harsh due the exfoliating particles but honestly, I love that scrub the pain away feeling. Skin looking fresh to dead after a use, and I only wish I could do the same with my soul from time to time, a little bit of a –gentle– scrub never hurt anyone.



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