Catrice Pore Refining Primer, I Love You

catrice primer pore refiner cruelty free

I have a long list of products I want to marry, because that´s what beauty bloggers do. I want to live life my way, you know? Some people dream with Prince Charming but I, I dream with skincare and make up for the rest of my days.. 

The Catrice pore refining primer has become one of my favourites lately. It´s pure magic. Is there something better than a complete stranger complimenting on your skin? Don´t think so. I was wearing this and although I do believe in coincidences, this could not be one. My skin was indeed looking amazing if I can say so myself. This is the first ever primer I own and use, and I am impressed and in love equal parts. It leaves my skin feeling soft, my pores become almost invisible and my makeup stays put for hours. Does anything else give you perfect skin and zero problems? Don´t think so. 



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