The Weekender #35: Me, Myself & I

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Maybe I choose to write today because my anger is heavily pounding through my chest. Oh, well, that was rather poetic but can only describe the way I feel.. 

I´m angry at myself for not being able to be a badass, the kind of person that does not give a fuck about anyone or anything. I do care, sometimes too much, sometimes for the wrong people *insert  why am I like this meme here*. It´s not right, it doesn´t feel right anyways. I´m a fool. At the same time, I wouldn´t want to be nothing else or nothing more, I am that kind of people that chases other people just because -not in an stalker way but more of a I care about you why don´t you care about me way.

This has been my week, feeling miserable because of what someone did to me, and the only reason why I care is because I always see the best in people, and once they let me down I still cannot see any further. I suck in every way possible, what can I do.

From me to you: I see you gazing.


2 thoughts on “The Weekender #35: Me, Myself & I

  1. Marcelsblog says:

    I wouldn’t say you a fool or anything, it’s your nature, its what makes you who you are
    people may not appreciate you but you’ve to appreciate and set standards for yourself, you love caring, why not listen to mother Theresa when she said to do it anyhow
    Just set your priorities and achieve them and make people happy

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