My Top Tip For Perfect Red Lips

tips for perfect red lips mary kay nyx lipstick lipliner

My hands are usually steady until it involves applying lipstick. In that case, my heartbeat starts to increase, my palms get sweaty and my hands shake. No, it´s not a rendition on Emininem´s Lose Yourself (althought that´d be pretty sick), it´s just me trying to get my lipstick right.. 

The Mary Kay Clear Lip Liner opened the door to perfect lips and calmed nerves. Is so easy to use, just draw your lips with it and voilá. As it is clear, no one will notice you used this little trick, and you will apply your lipstick easily with your eyes closed. I only discovered this a few months ago but know there are a lot of similar products in the market, plus my friends were also amazed by its magic. Can I only say, this is a life saviour for safe lipstick application at three in the morning on that bathroom of that club when you can barely stand up but still, you gather your strength to do this task. GRL PWR.



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