The Weekender #34: A Thing Or Two

zara ruffle top long slevee summer

Easter holidays have arrived just in time. I feel blessed, not only because I can sleep until noon for the next three days, but also because the weather is being pretty nice..

The last update on my life was a few weeks ago, and nothing has changed much about it. The blog is still a mess, I have not found my motivation to write yet and boys suck -not really sure if I mentioned this before but I´m leaving it there as a friendly reminder. Where can I have my motivation back? I think everything has accumalated to a level I´m not able to untie the knot and I´m merely moving forward, stuck in the same place day by day.

I´m stressed, and anxious. Work has a lot to do with this, sometimes I´m confortable with it, sometimes I want to drop it and  move far away. Adulthood is difficult, yikes. Mum says I have to be patient but as a Capricorn, let me tell you that´s not possible. My mind speeds 1000km/h, thinking future, thinking money, thinking life. Also boys, ugh. Only three months until my dream holidays in Menorca. Craving and wanting them badly.


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