A Bath Routine For Stressed Souls

lush bath bombs cruelty free routine

It´s been 84 years since my last bath, unbelievable for some but a reality for me. This is true, don´t be carried away by the fact I´m just twenty something and I´m actually quoting Titanic for the matter..

Ever since I was a little girl I´ve never been a bath gal, I know this because my mum constantly tells me this story about me hating baths while my sister enjoyed them. Something in my guts tells me my sister tried to drawn me at some point in my childhood which would be pretty explanatory for my trauma. I no longer have to share the tub –yass-, so I can come back to it anytime, anyday. My bath routine is pretty simple, it includes exactly three products: a lush bathbomb, my favourite Rituals foam shower gel, and a random exfoliator, H&M this time. The plainness of this routine, with just three products, leaves all the focus on the important stuff, getting in the tub with no rush and a clear mind. Let your soul float..



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