The Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream

sleek matte me lipstick red vampy cruelty free

If I go against makeup odds? Yes. A few weeks into Spring and fingertips touching Summer, I can not let go of dark lips. An obsession I´ve nursed for years, they love me and I love them.. 

My pale skin is behind this berrylip passion (I think I was Snowhite in some other life) which has an only aim: to make me look more alive. Past me would be horriefied of using such a dark colour cumbersomely on shaky hands, but the girl grew up and so did her skills. When The Sleek Matte Me lip cream in Old Hollywood caught my eye there was no question it was made for me. A dark, berry matte lipstick easy to apply (I managed to use this while tipsy on a dark night, it went okay) that demands of very smooth lips for perfect application.

Eventually I will have a tan and will flaunt peach lips which, for the matter, also suit me very well but only in Summer. And with a tan. My life is complicated, you see.


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