The March Edit

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Where have I been? Good question. I don´t even know were to start, honestly it´s been a real crazy month. It went by on a blink of an eye, now we are one day into April and summer feels closer than ever..

To be fair this has been the happiest I´ve felt in months. I´ve been out and about a lot –see: partying with friends a lot– but who cares? I´m still young and my body really deserved the a few days clubbing. All in all, I just wanted to scape from routine, which has been pretty good lately. Work has been a lil´bit more interesting these weeks and I´ve been able to spend more time running errands than sitting on my desk -I was seriously concerned about my bum turning square from my chair, seriously concerned.

I remember there was a lot of tequila involved in my February monthly chat and I´d be lying if I told you there´s been none this month because actually I´ve done nothing but drink quite a lot of it. Reason #1 I´ve been feeling dead this month and this weekend was meant to be a quiet one, be reunited with my sofá again was a dream. My schedule has been a mess, I don´t know why apologizing for it has become my new thing. I guess I just have to fall back in love with blogging again.


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