The Catrice Sentive Eyes Mascara

catrice sensitive eyes mascara cruelty free makeup

A few weeks ago I did a little haul on cruelty free makeup and promised a review on the things I bought. I´ve been however so inconsistent with the blog, kinda forgetting about kinda fallling out of it that I didn´t actually have the chance to sit down and tell you about it.. 

If you are new to the blog (hi!) you may not know I have the most sensitive eyes ever, I wear contact lenses and spend too many hours in front of a computer. Finding quality eye products is difficult for me, because almost everyone of them make my eyes teary and mess with my makeup. The Catrice Sensitive Eyes mascara is somewhat ideal, does not sting my eyes and that´s a start. Is not very easy to remove, something I find weird as it is designed to be gentle on the area. On the lashes, it has a veeery natural finish -too much for my liking- but perfect for the day, I use it for the office indeed. To sum up: is it good for sensitive eyes? Yes. May there be something better on the shops? For sure. Will I be using it until it runs out? Yes, and then I´ll move on and continue with life until I find something else.

This is a classic but please leave your recommendations below, I´ll be taking good note.


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