New In Natural Beauty: Cattier & Neobio

2017-03-11 11.51.jpg

Apologies I have been absent on the nlog for the past week, I don´t know why but I´ve been feeling a little bit out of love with the blog. Maybe is because I am aswell tired of routine, same things, same days all day long.. 

I wanted to show you however a few new things I got two weeks ago on a little shopping spree I did to cheer myself up -notthing like spending money to be happy, huh? I have convinced myself to shop local, and in fact I rather buy in little shops than big -and overcrowded- places. These two are both all natural and cruelty free, which makes me so happy. The original plan was to buy a toner for my dehydrate skin, but instead ended up purchasing this Neo Bio micellar water. The lady in the shop told me it was very good, so I had to trust her and placed it in my bag. The Cattier green clay mask was both kind of an impulse, although I actually was looking for  some deep cleansing mask.

Soon to be posted a little review of the two, please excuse this boring edit and know I will try a little harder next ime..


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