My Favourite Makeup Tools

makeup tools favourites brows eyelashes vogue tips

This is a post about brows and eyelashes, embracing the lazy girl inside me and dichting makeup for the day.. 

Ask yourself, what would you carry to a desert island -water and internet let aside- makeup wise? I was blessed with think brows and lashes, so you´ve got the answer there. I know you might be thinking, wouldn´t it be smarter to bring some tweezers and mirror?Well, maybe, but remember we are in this hypothetical middle of nowhere place so it had me thinking I should just embrace the natural vibe of the island. A spooli, however, would be a must in my makeup pouch, a little gromming never hurt anyone.

Talking eyelashes, having them long and curly is fine until they go all crazy and start bending side to side. It hurts badly, so in addition to using my eyelash curler to save my lashes from falling, they also have this amazing volumen that makes people wonder if I´m wearing falsies –#allnaturallbby.

If I had these two, I think I could survive rather well, in fact there are times when this is the only makeup I use. Apparently I´m already ready to live in an empty island, who knew..


What are your favourite makeup tools?

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