My Go To Face Moisturizers: Kiehl´s & Sephora

favourite moisturizers sephora skincare kiehls

It was Spring last week and it is winter again, there´s no way anyone can handle this madness, nevermind my skin. Not to talk about the frustration of walking out in a bright sunshine and coming back to a dark sky..

I will forever have a face cream dilemma, I can´t seem to find the one. Why am I so unlucky? Who knows. I test and try but there´s always something that does not work. Too greasy, or too drying. The fragance too strong, or simply I don´t like it. I´ve gone crazy seaching for the good stuff without realizing my sister had the key, or should I say her skincare stash. She introduced me to the Sephora Crème riche activatrice d’hydratation, which she swears by, and now I do too. It´s so rich but not greasy at all, – rather use it at night but it would work great in the morning aswell. In my favour I will add I was the one to gifted her the Kielh´s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion, a very light but hydrating cream. Love it in the mornings, it doesn´t feel heavy at all and leaves my skin pretty smooth.

So maybe I should start asking my sister for advice since it´s been three weeks that I sneak into her room to hunt. Hey, don´t worry, she knows it all..


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