A Touch Of Blue

rimmel blue eyeliner makeup eyes

This post comes just in time because I am feeling blue indeed. Used this two weekends ago, and maybe I still have some of it on my lids.. 

Your usual Saturday night where you don´t know what to do with your make up because a) you don´t really own anything but bronze eye-shadows but b) you want to step-up your game by adding something different to your routine. Chances are you end up shopping your own stash like I did, and discover an old favourite of yours in eye liner shape. The Rimmel Waterproof  eye liner in 230 deep ocean was much loved a few years ago, but soon forgotten -now that i´m reading this, it´s kind of embarrassing to admit this eyeliner has been hanging around for more than a year but let´s move on, shall we.  The good thing is, though, everything is exactly as I remembered -or even better- as I thought it would´ve dried out but no, it´s still as creamy and easy to smudge as I recalled. No one actually noticed I was wearing colour for once, but I knew it and that´s what certainly matters. Hey ho, perfect for colourphobic gals like me.


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