5 Tips To Overcome The Writer´s Block

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My writting process usually goes like this: open draft, panic about it, sip on a glass of water several times -#hydration- , watch some youtube videos in between and panic again at the emptiness of the blog post.. 

I´m not always on the mood to write, sometimes the words just don´t come out the way I want or simply fade in my own thoughts (see: it might be happening now). But that´s good, it happens to the best of us. However, I tried to summarize my top tips to defeat a writter´s block and kiss it goodbye:

Find your niche. Sometimes I get carried away and want blog about everything. And you can do so if you feel like it, but I find it easier to focus on something when I know the topic I want to tell you about.

Jot down every idea. I always come up with great ideas when I´m on bed, so I try to have a little notebook on my bedside table just in case. Also, using your phone´s notes app can be handy if you don´t have a paper around.

Keep your head organised. This has a lot to do with the first two tips, focus on something you want to talk about and don´t let anything distract you from the topic –told you by me who oves wandering ha!

Read, read, read. Reading other blogs, magazines are my go to inspiration board when I need some. Currently loving Cindy and Shini.

Take a rest. If nothing else work, just take a few days of and recharge. You may feel like you´re failing but not at all! I like to take some free days off the blog from time to time, which only translates on more enthusiasm to write more and better.

Hey, start writing right now and link below your latest post babes, you can do this!


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