Today´s, Today´s, Today´s

inspiration zara blouse girl today

How cool is saying goodbye to February and hello to March? Welcoming spring and also warmer days, counting the nights to summer.. 

Today´s mood: Happy. After a few moody days I´m feeling good again, with lots of energy. Maybe it´s the spring coming..

Today´s weather: Rain, and I will not complain because we´ve been having such a good weather lately I can only accept some rest from the sky and let it drop for a few days.

Today´s clothes: Office uniform, as usual on week days.

Today´s song: Despacito by Luis Fonsi is so good. In love.

Today´s boring thing to do: Work. Although it´s been somehow bussier the past few weeks and I haven´t had time to think, red tape is always a boring task.

*Shoutout to Emily for inspirig this post!



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