The February Edit

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So totally drawn myself in tequila shots last Saturday. And so totally had the worst hangover in return –karma is lovely. I could not even manage to write this post basically because I spent most of my day dying (and cussing) in the sofa..

It was my first night out of the month, and for the night it was worthy. I had fun, I laugh a lot and lost my favourite scarf on the way. I needed a night like that becuase it´s been busy lately, things in the office have started to take off and my work load has increased by 200%. Along with that, I´m about to take a step forward and do something decisive for me which has made me a bit anxious lately, so yes this is my trying to justify my irresponsible alcohol intake of the weekend.

Tequila aside, I am feeling inspired and pumped to blog and take cute pictures and more importantly update my instagram. Yes I have set a goal of uploading a picture a week and what can I say I feel so proud it´s ridiculous ha! For now you can follow me if you please, and maybe I will post more regularly once my schedule is back to normal..


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