Beginners Guide To Skincare

beginners skincare guide kiehl´s sephora origins natural

This is me in a an attempt of tutoring you through skincare basics. I´m a self processed skincare addict and I am advocate of healthy clear skin. Also, I probably know a few things after a few years of beauty writing and hit and miss´.. Before you buy anything, first ask: what´s my skin like? Is it dry or more to the greasy side? After you decide this, the show can start. There will be a lot of good choices and also a few bad ones, but that´s all about it, until you find the products that really work for you.

If there´s anything you really need, that´s a cleanser. I am very into balm cleansers if you have normal to dry skin, or you can aim for a gel cleanser for more greasy complexions. After I cleanse I always like to use a toner to restore any oils that might have been dragged, this is essential to me, but you can skip this step. Finally, the moisturizer. The ideal day cream, whatever it is must have SPF, make sure yours has it. I am not a fan of nigh creams, I think it´s because I haven´t found one that I really like so sometimes I use one and other times I don´t -I am a real rebel.

Stated the basics, I also suggest you use a few masks every week to keep that glow! Origins make real good ones, and for now are my faves and the only ones I would recommend to anyone no matter what their skin is like.

So now I suggest you take a glass of wine, play your favourite music and procced to find the nirvana during your rutine, which I tell you, it can happen.



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