Two Steps To Glowy Skin

The body shop fresh nude foundation how to glowy skin

Usual night date with my friends, I step out of the car only to hear them ask if I had done something to my skin because it looked radiant. This was in a parking lot and the lightning was not even good, they were not lying my skin was glowing.. 

Before we met I decided to try (my way) the latest trend to glowing skin, word on Instagram. I picked my beauty blender -current obsession- and instead of getting it damp on water I sprayed some Yves Rocher hydrating mist directly on the sponge. Applied makeup as usual and waited for the likes. As much as I like a natural semi matte look, what really convinced me was the applause from my friends that swell my ego to Kanye West levels. And also, I kind of had a Glossier babe vibe with my fresh looking visage. To what I can now state I´m a fan of healthy looking skin, and almost certainly will continue with the process until is hot enough and the natural dew (a.k.a sweat) makes the perfect faux glow.



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