All Time Bronce Eyeshadow Favourites

sephora bronce eyeshadow maybelline on and on bronce

Back to basics, or back to bronze. Staple on my eyes, channeling my inner greek goddess is easy and only requieres of two things: eyeshadow and deity attitude.. 

Sassy girl. Use both of them, Sephora Colourful Liner in Taupe or Maybelline Colour Tatto in On an On Bronze for that je ne se quois on the eyes. Blended with fingers, blended with brush, the final look will be sharp. Layer Taupe for a sheer eyelook, go for On an On Bronze if you´re digging something bolder. The best of it is nothing feels heavy duty, is almost a light stroke of colour in the eyes that waits for the badam! moment whenever you flutter your lashes directly speaking to someone. They´ll come undone, that´s what proper goddess´ do, huh? 


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