My Love For Rituals’ Sensational Soft Cleanser

rituals sensational soft cleanser vegan cruelty free

Shall we continue with the amour on love week? Okay. Then I must tell you about the happiness of my skin since I use a new cleanser on my skincare routine.. 

And that´s the Rituals’ Sensational Soft Cleanser, mentioned several times on the blog and to which I have publicly confessed my fondness on twitter (@carlotarules). Made out of botanical extracts, it feels calming on irritated skin.  I love it very much, it´s a truly relaxing experience to apply this on dry skin, massage in tenderly and remove with warm water or a cloth. Everything comes off -haven´t tried it waterproof makeup yet-, reason #1513254 to use it mornings and evenings. If I had one bad thing to say, the smell just doesn´t thrill me, but you have to love the imperfections as well.


How was Valentaine´s week?

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