The Weekender #33: Hamilton & Spring Feelings

hamilton the weekender lifestyle

The first week of February is gone already, which only makes me more eager of Spring. The rain from the last days hasn´t make it any better, although it yield to the sun on Thursday and Friday..

Not strange that a coleague said to me “try to leave the office earlier today, the sun is out!” before heading out on Friday while I still had and hour and half left on the office, but at least knowing drizzle is not everything we have left is a start. I feel like I´m saying this too often, but I speak the truth when I say I haven´t been doing much; just resting, napping, doing some blog stuff and meeting friends. And about that blog stuff I´ve been working on, is more of an intention I have for the next few months that will definitely make a change. On Saturday we watched Hamilton and it was so great. After hearing so many good things about it, we decided to press play and gather around some homemade cheesecake –goals in life.

On another note, Summer holidays have been booked. They are going to be amazing. There will be beaches and blue water. Cannot. Wait.


How was your week?

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