Project Use It Up: Three Month Report

project use it up lush rimmel makeup skincare

It´s been three months since I wrote about the #projectuseitup movement, more of a lifestyle, I´d say..

Since I commited to the “use it up, then buy” mindset life has been comfortable. The desire of buying just beacause is being push to the background and instead, now I think of what I have and can use before spending the money. And besides being a great money saving method, it has also helped me organise my room and be more tidy in general.

The hundreds of products piled in my bathroom, for example, have dissapeared to a more clean and minimal vanity, making room for more -yay! Plus, there´s something so satisfaying about tossing away and empty bottle of shampoo no one can explain,  you must try it yourself. Another good thing is, I discovered I was keeping so many expired produtcs, it´s embarrasing but also the f*cking thruth –and kind of disgusting.

It´s easier to keep track of the things I own, and never forget products in the bottom of the cupborads. The dream for minimalist me.


Have you tried the #projectuseitup challenge?


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