Kiehl´s Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash

khiels calendula cleanser natural beauty

I´m talking a lot about skincare on the blog lately reason is I think I finally found my jam. The flow I can easily follow, it´s amazing how I´m never tired of speaking-researching- shopping about it.. 

I´m never tired of talking anyways, who am I trying to fool. This rambling has its sense to be, and that´s the Kielh´s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Facewash, my  go-to travel choice since I bought it for my sister -yes, it´s my sister´s but we both use it for the same purpose #sistersthatshare. The root of this desicion is #1: it´s small, great for trips; 2#: I don´t like it as much for a daily use. I´m not sure about what is it that I don´t like, I think is has something to do with the gel-like consitency, as I am more into a balmy/oily texture these days. Also, it has a medical scent to it, which I´m not very keen of. Besides, my skin is more on a dry to normal side, and althoug it doesn´t dry my skin too much, this one works better on normal to oily or oily skins.

Ps.: This post was supposed to go up yesterday but here it is. Had a busy week.. Excited though about leaving January behind, one step closer to Spring!


Have you tried Kielh´s skincare?

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